Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign Presents Tremendous Opportunities to Pay Tribute to Our Past and Build for Our Future

The International Estonian Centre will be the first new facility built in the 21st century in North America dedicated to the promotion of Estonia and the sharing of its language and culture.

There is no better time than now to celebrate your Estonian heritage and help bring to life an Estonian Centre for generations to come. Create your family legacy by making a special family commitment to the International Estonian Centre (IEC).

Consider adding your name to the growing list of those who have already stepped forward in our Capital Campaign to help bring the vision of a new International Estonian Centre to reality.

Find out how you can make a difference by reading this special brochure on our generous donors to date, naming opportunities, tax benefits and the flexible ways to give.


Honorary Chair of the Capital Campaign

Toomas H. Ilves

Former President of the Republic of Estonia (2006–2016)


Read the message from Toomas H. Ilves (PDF)

Kalevipoja Laud -  $100,000 & over

Co-chairs Andy Prozes and Mihkel Liik

Donors of $100,000 or more will be recognized members of “Kalevipoja Laud”. They will receive naming rights for the physical space related to their gift, and permanent inclusion on the Capital Campaign donor recognition display with an opportunity to provide wording in honour of a family gift, or in tribute to or in memory of an individual or family.

“Kalevipoja Laud” naming opportunities

(payable over 1 to 5 years)

The Centre (reserved) - $3,000,000

Grand Hall (reserved) - $1,000,000

Main Foyer - $1,000,000

The Annex (11 Madison house) - $1,000,000

North Wing Upper Gallery - $500,000

South Wing Upper Gallery - $500,000

Rooftop Garden (reserved)- $350,000

Balcony - $300,000

Boardroom (reserved) - $250,000

The Walkway - $250,000

Professional Kitchen - $200,000

Circular Staircase (South Wing) - $200,000

Elevator - $200,000

Cocktail Lobby (2nd Floor) - $200,000

Elevator Stairway - $150,000

Library (reserved) - $150,000

Community Room - $150,000

Classrooms (4 available) - $100,000

Learning Lobby (3rd Floor) - $100,000

Garden Lobby (Rooftop) - $100,000

Indoor “Siluett” Seating Alcove

(7 available - 3 reserved) - $100,000

Outdoor Seating Areas (2 available) - $100,000

Outdoor “Siluett” Areas (7 available) - $100,000

The International Estonian Centre is proud to recognize donors whose leadership will bring to life an Estonian Centre for generations to come.

Thomas & Kristiina Heinsoo (Read Profile)

Allan & Riina Hess

Mihkel & Kati Holmberg

Siim Holmberg

Lembit Jänes

Epp K. Jürima-Sonin

David & Kristina Kalm and John & Anette Kalm (Read Profile)

A.M. & V.S. Kaunismaa Family (Read Profile)

Glen & Outi Leis (Read Profile)

​Mihkel Liik & Leslie Cairns

Erik & Sandra Küttis

​Jüri Otsason & Bernadine Morris

Andrew Prozes

​Ants & Inga Toi (Read Profile)

Ken & Monika Valvur

Simon Wookey (Read Profile)

Anonymous (3)

Viru Vanemad - $10,000 to $99,999

Co-chairs Allan & Riina Hess

Donors of $10,000 - $99,999

(payable over 1 to 5 years) will be permanently recognized and listed as members of “Viru Vanemad” and leadership donors on the Capital Campaign donor recognition display to be situated in a prominent area of the new Centre. Donations can made in honour of a family gift, or in tribute to or in memory of an individual or family (space on plaque is limited).

The International Estonian Centre is grateful to have received many gifts from our Viru Vanemad. We thank all these donors for their support.

Enno & Anne Agur

Erika Andreas

Helve Hess Barnett & Ryan Barnett

Robert & Lilian Baxter

Ingrid & Andrew Callum

Toomas Eichenbaum

Peeter & Svea Einola

Silvia Ernesaks

Glenn & Pille Gold

Leila Hess

Reet Hess & Dylan Kelly

Talvi Hess & Mati Pajo

Tiiu Hess  & Tim Ararat

Peter & Ellen Kaju

Maria Keizer

Lea Kõiv

Alar & Theresa Kongats

Rein Kuris

Tõnis & Kadri-Ann Laar

Anne Leius

Lillakas & Põldma Family (in memory of Meinhard & Selma Põldma) (Read Profile)

Aino Lokk

Käbi Lokk

Gary & Lisa Maavara

Katrin Marley (Read Profile)

Reet & Jaanus Marley

Mariann McConnon & Family

Rein & Maret Pajo (Read Profile)

Zoë & Endel Mell

Jaan Meri & Ana Tampõld

Urve Mundi

Valdeko & Eevi Novek

Reet Oolup

Veiko Parming

Alar Prost & Lena Kõiv

Arne & Kersti Randsalu

Anne Remmel & Albert Cohen (Read Profile)

Merike Remmel & Eric Jakobson (Read Profile)

Raivo & Anne-Mari Remmel (Read Profile)

Tiiu & Tarmo Remmel

Tiit Romet

Urve Tamberg

Jaan & Tiina Timusk

Juri & Tiiu Wallner

Ellen Valter

Maris-Ann & Thomas Vanaselja

Eva Varangu

Paul-Erik Veel & Krista Käis-Prial

Marje Koidu Virro

In Memory of Frieda Vihma

Anonymous (3)*

Kungla Rahvas - $100 to $9,999

All Donors of $100 - $9,999 will be recognized as members of “Kungla Rahvas” and listed in the commemorative program to be produced for the opening of the International Estonian Centre. Donations can made in honour of a family gift, or in tribute to or in memory of an individual or family.

Join Our Growing List of Leadership Donors!

​To pay tribute to your roots and make a lasting difference in shaping the future of the Estonian community, please contact Fund for International Centre via Urve Tamberg at If you wish to make an anonymous gift, we can direct you to the appropriate options.


The International Estonian Centre is supported by the American Fund for Charities, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 52-2109597.


Donations to the American Fund for Charities from US taxpayers are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by US law. The International Estonian Centre has been reviewed by the American Fund for Charities and has been determined eligible to receive grants from the AFC.

If you are a US taxpayer and wish to support the International Estonian Centre, you may make a secure online donation at


Alternatively, download the Donation Form and send it with your check or credit card details to The American Fund for Charities, 2 Liberty Square, Suite 500 Boston, MA 02109-4884. Be sure to include the name of the non-profit you wish the American Fund for Charities to support.

Following your donation, you will promptly be issued with the receipt necessary for income tax purposes.

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