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Estonian Arts Centre (EAC) is the charity associated with KESKUS International Estonian Centre being built in the heart of Toronto, North America's 4th largest city. EAC promotes development of KESKUS in which to further its charitable objects, and these include promotion and support of the arts, multiculturalism, preservation of literary, musical and visual arts and the welfare and education of artists. Read about EAC's past events on the KESKUS blog here.

EAC is Estonia's representative and founding member of the European Union National Institutes of Culture Toronto cluster and holds the seat of vice-president.  Read more here.


Estonian Arts Centre (EAC) on Põhja-Ameerika suuruselt 4. linna Toronto südamesse rajatava KESKUS International Estonian Centre'iga seotud heategevusorganisatsioon. EAC edendab KESKUSe arendamist, et läbi viia oma heategevuslikke eesmärke, sealhulgas kunstide edendamine ja toetamine, multikultuursus, kirjandusliku, muusikalise ja kujutava kunsti säilitamine ning kunstnike tugi ja haridus. Loe EAC läbiviidud sündmustest KESKUSe blogist siit.

EAC on European National Institues of Culture Toronto klastri asutajaliige ja selle asepresident, esindades Eesti Instituuti.  Sellest loe rohkem siin.

Upcoming events:

Heritage and textile arts:

"Käsitöö lounge"

Do you have käsitöö on the go that needs motivation or advice? You're not alone!  


Bring your project (and why not a snack to share) and join the "Käsitöö Lounge" 7-9pm at Tartu College, 3 Madison Avenue in Toronto on:

June 26, 2024

July 17, 2024

August 21, 2024

Dance and performing arts:

"Nou Pois Äläud-III"

Back for a third year, this good vibes women's weekend Estonian folk dance retreat takes place September 13-15, 2024. 


Photo: Peeter Põldre

Go to to find out more. Early bird registration now open.

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Recent events:

March Break filmmaking studio, ages 12-17:

Film festival in Hamilton & Toronto:

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