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Lights, Camera, Action! Register for "FILMIST Stuudio" – March Break filmmaking course, ages 12-17!

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Inaugural March Break filmmaking course

Dear Young Creatives,

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable cinematic adventure! Estonian Arts Centre has launched the inaugural "FILMIST Stuudio" – a one-of-a-kind in-person filmmaking studio for youths aged 12-17. Discover your passion for storytelling and bring your ideas to the big screen!

In a nutshell:

As a participant, you will join two other participants to form a production team and produce a 1-3 minute documentary that will be screened at a 200-seat theatre at FILMIST Estonian Film Festival on Saturday March 16, 2024 and will vie for awards and international premieres.

Supporting your hands-on filmmaking over the course of the week, you will hear from and be guided by award-winning filmmakers and industry experts who will present on storytelling, lighting and locations, research, tips'n'tricks in the edit suite, soundtracks, filmscores and special effects.  

Professional faculty:

No experience in filmmaking?  No problem - your team will have a mentor and you'll be surrounded by specialists.   That's what FILMIST Stuudio is for!

Your Estonian is rusty? FILMIST Stuudio language of instruction is English.

What will the film be about?  This just might be the best part. In recognition of the 80th year of the great escape from Estonia that brought so very many Estonians to North America, your production team will be paired with someone who was born in Estonia who will show and share an item tied to memories of what it was like to flee Estonia as a young person.  It's your mission to bring their story to the screen and into the hearts of the audience.. 

FILMIST Stuudio is not just a camp; it's a hands-on experience designed to ignite the creative spark in young filmmakers. It provides a unique opportunity for youths to explore the craft of cinema and learn from those with vast experience in the industry. It will be inter-generational, supportive and immersive. And it will allow our stories to continue to be told.

To register and find more information about FILMIST Stuudio March Break course, please visit

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