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March Break filmmaking studio, ages 12-17


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In a nutshell:

As a participant, you will join two other participants to form a production team and produce a 1-3 minute documentary that will be screened in a 200-seat cinema, at FILMIST Estonian Film Festival on Saturday March 16, 2024 and will vie for awards and international premieres. Supporting your hands-on filmmaking over the course of the week, you will hear from and be guided by award-winning filmmakers and industry experts who will present on storytelling, lighting and locations, research, tips'n'tricks in the edit suite, soundtracks and filmscores and special effects.  Our home base is Tartu College, 3 Madison Avenue in Toronto.  Fresh cinnamon rolls await in the mornings!

No experience in filmmaking?  No problem - your team will have a mentor and you'll be surrounded by specialists.   That's what FILMIST Stuudio is for!

Your Estonian is rusty? FILMIST Stuudio language of instruction is English.

What will the film be about?  Your production team will be paired with someone who was born in Estonia* who will present you with an item tied to memories of fleeing Estonia.  It's your mission to bring their story to the screen and into the hearts of the audience. 

How much is this going to cost?  $200 per person which includes instruction, equipment and lunch every day.

What do I need to bring?  Your phone and charger.

Is this all day every day?  The sessions start 9am** and go to 3:30pm every day during March Break, March 11-15, 2024 (depending on need for those returning, the substantive program may begin Monday noon - if you need special considerations with time, just reach out).  Wednesday March 13, we'll have an optional special screening and discussion to which you can invite family and friends. That runs 6:45-8:30pm, at Tartu College.

Sounds great - how do I register? There are a maximum of 18 spots; 9 are available. Reserve your spot here and a registration link will be sent to you.

*Were you born in Estonia and can come to Tartu College in downtown Toronto on the afternoons of March 11 and 12 or other mutually agreeable times during that March Break week?  Send us a note to join the many who have already volunteered to share their stories with budding filmmakers from the next generations.

** Monday March 11 will start at 9am and if needed (to be confirmed in registration process), the substantive content can start at noon to accommodate those still travelling back from the weekend on the Monday morning.


Veterans, mid-career and rising stars.  And all somehow Estonian.

Executive Director: Ellen Valter

Student Liaison: Katrin Kütti-Otsa

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