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What gifts should we leave for Estonians to unwrap in 2072 and 2122? 


The Estonian Centre will develop time capsules to record our rich history for future generations to unearth. The current plan is to develop two time capsules, one within EC to be revealed 50 years after its doors open (in 2072) and the other buried by the foundations of EC to be unearthed in 100 years' time, in 2122.


How do we wish to be remembered?  What knowledge or reflection of our communities now do we wish to leave for our future Estonian community? We are looking for your input, ideas and imagination.

Online News article March 2021 

Urban Toronto article on new Estonian Centre

Letters of Support

Click links to download PDF versions of letters we received about the Estonian Centre Project.

Add your voice! What will a modern, sustainable and central Estonian Centre mean for you? Write to us at

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