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Ventilation systems in KESKUS provide air quality assurance

Update #111

KESKUS Jänes-Koppel Grand Hall


With people spending the overwhelming majority of time indoors, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has a direct impact on health, comfort, and work productivity. The COVID pandemic has brought the health aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVAC) into particular focus as these building systems play a central role in IEQ.

The design of KESKUS takes this into account, all the more given the emphasis of KESKUS on being a place where we intend to gather in comfort and security. With the KESKUS build being undertaken during the pandemic, proper systems are part of the design. Indeed, the design best practices are part of KESKUS core recommendations, including those for reducing airborne infectious aerosol exposure.

David Kalm, KESKUS Development Manager and Alar Kongats, architect of KESKUS, are working closely with mechanical engineering firm Smith + Andersen to follow ASHRAE design standards and epidemic guidelines, and to support sustainable maintenance of HVAC systems once KESKUS is operational. ASHRAE is the international organization that advances the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration with over 50,000 members from over 132 nations.

David notes that, “HVAC is an area close to my heart, having focussed on this specialty area for the first 13 years as a professional engineer. The mechanical engineering firm Smith + Andersen is a trusted Canadian consulting engineering firm with the experience needed to design these systems in KESKUS.”

Peter Kastelic continues as the lead Smith + Andersen consultant for the KESKUS project, read more about his involvement here.

Detailed guidance issued by ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force is based on the concept that ventilation, filtration and air cleaners can be deployed flexibly to achieve a reduction in exposure. In addition to public health guidance, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force’s recommendations set “targets for equivalent clean air supply rate and expressing the performance of filters, air cleaners, and other removal mechanisms in these terms.”

“Adherence to applicable elements of the ASHRAE guidance has been confirmed,” notes David Kalm. “We wanted to be sure that the systems include high-efficiency air filtration and promote air mixing that provides a comfortable indoor environment. From the beginning, the goal for KESKUS has been to create a place where we can gather and know that the latest safety guidance has been considered in the design.”

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The donor categories of the KESKUS capital campaign are: Kalevipoja Laud for donations over $100,000 (including the right to name different parts of the building), Viru Vanemad for donations over $10,000 and Kungla Rahvas, gifts up to $10,000 which can be made through the KESKUS website.

For Kalevipoja Laud and Viru Vanemad donations, securities donations or to contribute a donation over 3-5 years, please email or call +1.647.250.7136.

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