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KESKUS stands with Ukraine

Update #128

Estonians the world over watch in horror as Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. We know all too well the pain of such hostilities and are reminded of the price our parents and grandparents paid for freedom against this same aggressor.

The leadership of KESKUS stands with the people of Ukraine and encourages and supports all efforts to provide humanitarian relief for those in Ukraine and those fleeing to safety in neighbouring countries.

Fundraising for KESKUS will take a back seat for now, as we all turn our immediate attention to aiding the victims of this atrocity. That said, the events of the day only strengthen our resolve to see this magnificent project through to completion. KESKUS will serve as a lasting tribute to those who sacrificed for Estonia’s independence, and as a commitment to celebrating and promoting Estonian heritage and achievements for generations to come.

- Veiko Parming, president, Estonian House in Toronto Limited

- Heili Toome, board chair, International Estonian Centre Inc.

- Liisa Käärid, board chair, Estonian Arts Centre


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