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Update on the IEC and the COVID-19 pandemic

Update #75

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, the International Estonian Centre (IEC) project team is continuing its work while closely monitoring and adhering to all regulatory health and business requirements. It is anticipated that some processes, such as interactions with municipal governments, businesses and other partners will be impacted as we all adapt to a new temporary work environment. We will keep you updated – please follow our social media links and check our website for project news.

In light of the uncertainty and instability resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Campaign Committee has decided to put the active campaign for pledges for the International Estonian Centre on hold. Our first concern must be for everyone's health, and that includes physical, emotional and financial health. Thus, until circumstances return to some level of normalcy, we want everyone to focus on their well-being without distraction. When the time is right, we'll resume the campaign, and our community will celebrate together as we achieve our goal to create an International Estonian Centre of which we will all be proud!

- Steering Committee, International Estonian Centre


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