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City approval on minor variances a positive step forward

Updated: May 29, 2019

Update #51

The City of Toronto’s Committee of Adjustment approved the full slate of minor variances presented by the International Estonian Centre (IEC) at its hearing on May 15, 2019.

IEC, which will be built at 9 and 11 Madison Avenue in the heart of the City of Toronto will be a 3-storey cultural centre. The plans have been developed in consultation with City Planning, Heritage and the Annex Ratepayers Association, together with the local Councillor Mike Layton and his predecessor Councillor Joe Cressy.

Designed by 3-time Governor-General award-winning architect Alar Kongats, the design has, from the very start, considered City of Toronto objectives and plans, and therefore includes a pedestrian through-pass connection as well as street-level square that will be open to all Toronto residents and visitors to enjoy.

A total of eight minor variances were submitted to the Committee, including building height, setback, frontage and parking. All were given the green light. Out of the three committee members, two voted for the variance approval and one abstained. IEC agreed to secure 19 off-site parking spots within a 300-metre radius of the building to help those for whom public transit, taxis, cycling, walking or rideshare is not an option.

“Approval for the minor variances is yet another step forward in the development process, and reflects the excellent working relationship this project has with the City and the local ratepayers” said Project Manager David Kalm. “The management team is very pleased with the result, and is continuing to move full steam ahead with next steps.”


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