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Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

Update #82

The International Estonian Centre shared some local Annex community spirit on November 9, 2020, by gifting five birch trees that were planted in the Paul Martel Park, directly opposite the IEC site on Madison Avenue. 

Pictured left, from left to right are park stewards Donalda and Paul; Thomas Heinsoo, owner of Heinsoo Insurance; Anita Saar, CEO of Northern Birch Credit Union; Ellen Valter, Northern Birch Credit Union and IEC Steering Committee; David Kalm, IEC Project Manager; Linda Karuks, General Manager of Tartu College; Brian Burchell, Chair of the Bloor Annex BIA; Kairi Taul Hemingway, President of Estonian Central Council in Canada; and Anita Nippak Genua, a Viru Vanemad donor to the IEC project and Annex resident. 

Pictured right are Veiko Parming, President of Estonian House and Chair of International Estonian Centre, left, and David Kalm, IEC Project Manager, right, planting the birch trees. 

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