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Volunteer spotlight: Virve Aljas-Switzer

Update #110

Virve Aljas-Switzer


This Volunteer Spotlight series features members of the community who donate their time and expertise to the KESKUS project.


Virve Aljas-Switzer is volunteering her expert graphic design skills to the KESKUS International Estonian Centre project to create its visual communications.

A trained graphic designer, Virve is helping KESKUS reflect a modern, sophisticated look in its communications that resonates with the global Estonian community. She is advising the KESKUS project team on design-related initiatives and helping craft KESKUS fundraising and marketing materials.

Virve stepped up to volunteer with KESKUS as a way to stay connected to the Estonian community: “The reason our community still thrives is because people keep feeding into it one way or another. Whether you paint a cabin wall at one of the summer camps, support a fundraiser or attend an event, it has an impact. We all have something to contribute.”

Virve not only contributes her time but supported KESKUS financially during its recent 3-day launch of the Kungla Rahvas campaign. "Watching the donations roll in from around the world and then surpassing the fundraising goal was hypnotic. The desire for success was palpable and I wanted to do my part there too. Plus, I enjoyed the "Tere, KESKUS" videos, a preview of what is to come in KESKUS once it opens!"

Virve is a seasoned designer with experience in a number of studio and in-house design environments supporting print media, education, finance and transportation. She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. Virve is also Co-Founder & Author at East York Press a self-publishing company for children’s books based in Toronto.

New Possibilities For a New Home

Virve is excited about the new possibilities that KESKUS represents for the Estonian community and beyond: “Estonians are firmly grounded in our history, and also very forward thinking. This building exemplifies both of those elements. I'm feeling a sense of pride in this project that I can only imagine past generations felt about the buildings they helped construct. I look forward to watching future generations continue our traditions here.

”Also, I've organised events in Toronto and will recommend this unique building as an event venue. It fills a much needed niche in Toronto for event hosts and planners."

Give your support!

The donor categories of the KESKUS capital campaign are: Kalevipoja Laud for donations over $100,000 (including the right to name different parts of the building), Viru Vanemad for donations over $10,000 and Kungla Rahvas, gifts up to $10,000 which can be made through the KESKUS website.

For Kalevipoja Laud and Viru Vanemad donations, securities donations or to contribute a donation over 3-5 years, please email or call +1.647.250.7136.

Donations can be made by a group, or in honour of a particular individual or family. All donations made in Canada, Estonia and the US are issued an official tax receipt. More information is available on the KESKUS Capital Campaign page.

Let’s keep in touch!

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