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Estonia's expanded diaspora affairs team discusses KESKUS in Tallinn

Update #108

Estonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expanded the team to support the Estonian diaspora ecosystem, with the appointment of a Special Ambassador and an additional advisor to support this diplomatic post. Together, KESKUS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have organized the "Estonia is bigger than Estonia itself" panel discussion on August 13th, Day 1 of the Opinion Festival in Paide, Estonia, at 1600h on the "Our Nation" topic stage.

On August 9, 2021 in Tallinn, lively discussions were held between this team and a KESKUS Project Lead. In the photo from left: Marin Mõttus, Special Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs; Inga Chandilya, Business diplomacy advisor for North America and Estonian Diaspora; Ellen Valter, Project Lead for KESKUS International Estonian Centre; Kadri Linnas, Advisor for Diaspora Affairs; Keit Spiegel, Advisor for Diaspora Affairs.


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