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KESKUS construction update

Update #143

Construction on the KESKUS site continues

Construction site
Photo: Rei Carcani

Construction on the KESKUS site continues, though largely underground. As noted in the 17th Community Engagement Session (read more here), the first of the three phases construction is mostly underground and not particularly visible. This phase will continue well into the summer and early fall, as per schedule.

Ceremonial groundbreaking was held on April 8, (read more here). No sooner was the engineered pad installed to bear the weight of boring machines, and the first micropiles drilled, that the construction schedule shifted by an unexpected turn of events.

Crane operators, carpenters and other trades were in a strike position and did go on strike, leaving all Toronto construction sites at a standstill for their trades. Fortunately, the crane operators have now ratified their contract and are scheduled to return to construction sites and will be back at the KESKUS site on June 13 to continue with the underground deep foundation work.

The first micropiles have been tested and some adjustments to the engineering is ongoing so that materials orders can be finalized to ensure structural stability.

In the meantime, during the lull caused by the strike, attention was turned to the heritage house at 11 Madison, as the exterior remediation has to be undertaken while the site is not filling with dust and debris. The heritage architect retained by KESKUS has recommended a paint removal technique that does not require sandblasting but instead uses chemical peels. This is a much gentler methodology and reduces the amount of dust impacting neighbouring properties. Once the paint analysis is completed the work will be underway by the end of next week.

Other matters underway include vibration monitoring – this is both for the TTC tunnels to monitor any stress on the subway tunnels from the machines on site, as well as in neighbouring properties. Monitoring equipment was installed at Tartu College, the United Church property and is scheduled for the installation at the neighbouring 13 Madison property.

Photos: Rei Carcani

Futher, site services such as water, sewer and storm locates, site dewatering (waste water discharge control and settlement tanks) and the relocation of interfering utilities such as telephone and internet cabling infrastructure all continue as work progresses.

The award-winning KESKUS will be a dynamic hub showcasing our rich heritage and promoting Estonian innovation. It will be a vibrant gathering place for Estonians of all generations and backgrounds to connect, celebrate, and share our culture and achievements with each other and the world. Doors open 2023.

Get involved and support KESKUS

Please join our growing list of capital campaign donors. The KESKUS International Estonian Centre’s donor categories are Kalevipoja laud for gifts over $100,000 (including naming rights for specific areas), Koidula gild, which is from $50,000-99,999, Viru vanemad for gifts of $10,000-$49,999, and Kungla rahvas for gifts up to $10,000.

To make a donation, please call +1.647.250.7136 or email Donations may be made as a family gift, or in honour of an individual or family. All Canadian and U.S. donations will be issued a tax receipt.KESKUS leadership donors are recognized here.

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