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Cracking good times ahead!

Update April 1, 2024

With Easter chocolate still coursing through veins, suggestions for spring activities at KESKUS International Estonian Centre are flooding in and leading to innovations and tweaks to the KESKUS design.

Starting from the top, the KESKUS rooftop terrace detail is being reworked to house a mega-brood of Kihnu Island hens, a breed that recently set international livestock records for prolific on-demand egg production. This new coop will allow thousands of eggs to be delivered fresh from the rooftop hens to the KESKUS courtyard via a new Estonian innovation, the Multilayered Unidirectional New-matic Apparatus ('MUNA' for short)*.

With this just-in-time flow of eggs, you need only bring your onion skin collection to get miraculous designs like Vanaema used to make! Once enveloped in onion skins, MUNA's advanced solution offers a unique cradling technology that vacuum seals the skins tight to the egg, ensuring optimal colour transfer to the eggs.

The final phase of the MUNA system boils the sealed eggs in a cauldron in the Estonia-shaped courtyard of KESKUS, placed where the famous Tuhala Witch's Well would be located on a map of Estonia. And voilà, beautiful eggs are ready!

Plan to bring the whole family to EGG-KUS, an Easter egg hunt that will take you through every nook of KESKUS, from the 3rd floor library to the mechanical room in the basement. The last one to be found may really be a rotten egg.

Spring at KESKUS promises to be a cracking good time!

Photo credit of chick: Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS), CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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