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Design evolves for IEC neighbour at 300 Bloor West

Update #76

The International Estonian Centre project for downtown Toronto is progressing along with other planned developments at neighbouring properties. One of those neighbours going into redevelopment is the United Church property at 300 Bloor St. West, the property immediately to the east of IEC and Tartu College. An article regarding its most recent plans can be seen here:

Alar Kongats, the architect for IEC, has been working with the United Church's condominium architects, KBMB Architects, over the past few years to ensure that as both projects move forward they mutually benefit each other as neighbours, while making a positive contribution to the City’s Annex neighbourhood. This cooperation is evident in the evolution of the overall shape and size of both developments, as well as at their pedestrian scale.

The current proposed location for 300 Bloor West places their residential tower further south toward Bloor Street with lower level floors that now align with the roof level of the International Estonian Centre. This design move reduces wind turbulence and shadows onto the IEC roof garden while providing the United Church with views to our roof garden.

Previous and current versions of 300 Bloor West, images via submission to City of Toronto. Note the location of the tower has moved further south.

At the pedestrian level the United Church has proposed a lovely ground level urban garden between their development and the IEC. The garden will allow natural light into the eastern elevation of the IEC while also providing visibility to the IEC as you approach from the east along the pedestrian path the City is developing parallel to Bloor Street. Conversely, the IEC’s through-block connection allows residents of the United Church development to access the IEC’s sun filled courtyard and bistro fronting Madison Avenue.

The two developments complement each other and the Annex neighbourhood in which they both reside.


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