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Estonian Arts Centre founding member of EU National Institutes for Culture Toronto cluster

Update # 205

Regional meeting in NYC kicks off reinvigorated Toronto cluster for European culture

Group photographed in front of library
EUNIC regional meeting at Goethe-Institut NYC, seated from the left are Estonians Ellen Valter (EAC-Toronto) and Jaanika Peerna (NY Estonian Consulate-NewYork). Photo: David Plakke

EUNIC rekindles cultural connections in Toronto


In a significant stride toward fostering cross-cultural collaboration, dialogue and artistic exchange, the EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) cluster in Toronto has been reignited with the active participation of prominent cultural institutions, and KESKUS will be a part of it.


Cluster founding members Goethe-Institut, Consulate General of France, Consulate General of the Czech Republic, Estonian Arts Centre, Alliance Française, Italian Cultural Institute signed the EUNIC Toronto cluster charter in late 2023.  Accompanying them as associate members are the Consulate of Finland and the Canada Ireland Foundation, adding further diversity and depth to the collaborative network.

Two women posing in front of shelves of books
Ellen Valter (Toronto) and Jaanika Peerna (New York City)

Estonian Arts Centre, the charity associated with KESKUS International Estonian Centre, was issued the mandate from Eesti Instituut in Tallinn, the full member of EUNIC Global, to enter into the Toronto cluster agreement. Good guidance for Toronto comes from Estonia's New York consulate, which held the NY EUNIC cluster presidency in 2023, helmed by Jaanika Peerna, cultural attaché.


EUNIC's Regional Meeting


Adding momentum to the Toronto cluster's revitalization, EUNIC's regional meeting took place on January 25-26, 2024, in the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Representatives from the Toronto cluster (including from EAC) joined those from Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Washington and San Francisco, and EU Delegations from Canada and the US, to reset and look for synergies in promoting the European voice and encouraging dialogue through cultural exchange in North America.

The event served as a platform for members to share insights, discuss upcoming projects, and explore innovative ways to enhance cultural engagement. The vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences has invigorated commitment to the principles of EUNIC, fostering unity through cultural diversity.


Toronto's Cultural Powerhouses


The Toronto cluster's charter signing is a boost for the city's cultural landscape. Each of the members and associate members promote language, culture and the arts in all its forms to promote cross-cultural understanding, by weaving together the cultural threads that bind the European nations. With a shared commitment to fostering cultural exchange, these institutions are poised to significantly contribute to Toronto's cultural identity and dialogue.


A Vision for the Future


The re-start of the EUNIC cluster in Toronto opens a new chapter in the city's cultural narrative and the possibilities for EAC and for KESKUS. With the collective strength of its diverse members, there is a palpable sense of enthusiasm for the myriad of new collaborative projects and events that will contribute to Toronto’s cultural landscape. The EUNIC cluster's commitment to cultural diplomacy reflects a genuine desire to build bridges and foster meaningful dialogue and connections between communities.


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