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KESKUS September 2023 construction update

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Update / Teade #188

With the mudslab poured for the basement and the drainage for stormwater and wastewater management getting encased, the KESKUS International Estonian Centre site in downtown Toronto is looking more and more like a building will emerge from the excavated pit! /// Nüüd, et KESKUS International Estonian Centre'i objektil on keldri alus valatud, sademe- ja reovee ärajuhtimise drenaaž on lukus ja objekt Toronto südalinnas näeb üha enam välja nagu siit hakkab hoone ilmuma!

Site super Adam points out what is what in this month's construction video. /// Ehitustööde juht objektil, Adam, näitab selle kuu ehitusvideos välja, mis on mis.

The huge green fibreglass pipes/tanks from last month's look-ahead are now installed. Groundwater management resolution required installation of these pits and a network of collection piping around the perimeter of foundations and subway tunnels. /// Massiivsete klaaskiust torude/paakide said paigaldet. Põhja- ja reovee lahendamine nõudis nende kogumistorustiku paigaldamist vundamentide ja metrootunnelite perimeetri ümber.

This continues Phase I of construction and the next month will see more formwork and TTC tunnel remediation and waterproofing. /// See jätkab ehituse I etappi ja järgmistel kuudel toimub raketuse ja TTC tunneli tööd ja nende hüdroisolatsioon.

Sincere thanks goes to the Government of Canada through FedDev Ontario for its support of courtyard construction, read more about this generous support here. /// Siiras tänu Kanada valitsusele FedDev Ontario kaudu praeguste ehitustööde toetamise eest. Lisateavet selle helde toetuse kohta lugege siit.

KESKUS International Estonian Centre in downtown Toronto will be a dynamic hub showcasing our rich heritage and promoting Estonian innovation. It will be a vibrant gathering place for Estonians of all generations and backgrounds to connect, celebrate, and share our culture and achievements with each other and the world.

Read more about the project by signing up for the newsletter here. /// Pane end kirja uudiskirja saajaks siin.


Get involved and help support our future

Please join our growing list of capital campaign donors to help bring this extraordinary project to completion. KESKUS leadership donors are recognized here.

To make a donation, please call +1.647.250.7136 or email Donations may be made as a family gift, or in honour of an individual or family. All donations are issued a tax receipt, in Canada via Estonian Arts Centre, US tax receipts via KBFUS and Estonian tax receipts via Eesti Rahvuskultuuri Fond.

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