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Construction update to start new year - deep foundations complete /// süvavundamenditööd lõpetatud

Update / Teade #164

Happy new year!

2023 will be an exciting year for KESKUS as we'll see the steel come out of the ground after excavation work is completed, and the building envelope starts to take shape. /// 2023. aasta tuleb KESKUSe jaoks põnev aasta, sest pärast kaevetööde lõpetamist hakkab meie kaunis uus kodu ilmet võtma juba silmnähtavalt.

Deep foundation work on KESKUS International Estonian Centre is now complete. Soldier piles, caissons and micropiles are completed and, as we await the curing and testing, preparations are being made to start the excavation work. /// Süvavundamenditööd KESKUS International Estonian Centre objektil on lõpetatud. Valminud on toetusvaiad, kessonid ja mikrovaiad ning tahenemise ja katsetamise ootel valmistutakse kaevetööde alustamiseks.

Watch the video to learn more /// oma silm on kuningas, vaata ise siit:

Please join the info session scheduled for February 1 2023 at 7pm, where schedule, costs, and progress will be discussed and do, please, send in any questions in advance, to /// 1. veebruaril toimub järjekordne infotund, mille käigus saab projekti edu üksikasju arutatud, ning miks ka mitte saata küsimusi juba ette ära, aadressile

All KESKUS valued donors make a critical difference

Please join our growing list of capital campaign donors. The KESKUS International Estonian Centre’s donor categories are Kalevipoja laud for gifts over $100,000 (including naming rights for specific areas), Koidula gild, which is from $50,000-99,999, Viru vanemad for gifts of $10,000-$49,999, and Kungla rahvas for gifts up to $10,000.

To make a donation, please call +1.647.250.7136 or email Donations may be made as a family gift, or in honour of an individual or family. All Canadian and U.S. donations will be issued a tax receipt.KESKUS leadership donors are recognized here.

To follow the construction journey and for KESKUS updates:


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