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Community Information Sessions

June 21, 2018 — Remarks by Veiko Parming [English]

June 21, 2018 [video]

April 4, 2018 [video]

April 4, 2018 — Remarks by Maris-Ann Vanaselja [English]

March 14, 2018 [video]

February 21, 2018 [video]

January 31, 2018 [video]

January 31, 2018 — Introductory Remarks by Veiko Parming [English]

January 31, 2018 — Remarks by Veiko Parming, Vice-President, Estonian House [video]


December 12, 2018: Estonian Centre design wins prestigious architectural award [English | Estonian]

November 21, 2018: Meeting with Estonian Minister of Finance, Toomas Tõniste and Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance Veiko Tali  [English | Estonian]

November 12, 2018: Progress report from Community engagement session and perspective from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) [English Estonian]

October 22, 2018: Allan and Riina Hess lead drive for Top 100 Gifts for Capital Campaign [English​ |Estonian]

October 19, 2018: Toomas Hendrik Ilves announced as Honorary Chair of Estonian Centre Capital Campaign [English] and read the full Letter from the Office of the President of the Republic of Estonian

October 5, 2018: Time Capsule Project [Estonian]

September 21, 2018: Time Capsule Project [English]

September 14, 2018: Interview with Edgar Marten [Estonian]

September 7, 2018: Interview with Edgar Marten [English]

August 17, 2018: International Focus of Estonian Centre [English | Estonian]

July 13, 2018: Profile on Lead Donor Andy Prozes [English | Estonian]

June 25, 2018: Report from Community Information Session on Completion of Due Diligence Process [English]

June 8, 2018: We Have a Project! [English | Estonian]

May 22, 2018: New Estonian Centre a Perfect Fit for a Vibrant Cultural Neighborhood [English]

April 30, 2018: The Future of Estonian Houses Reflects Growing Demographic Realities [English]

April 23, 2018: Profile on Estonian Centre Project Consultants [English]

Mar 14, 2018: Community Consultation and Design Details Presented at Third Community Information Session [English]

Mar 14, 2018: Remarks by Eric Sehr at Community Information Session March 14 [English]

Mar 12, 2018: Estonian Centre: THE Centre for Community Activities [English]

Mar 05, 2018: Bring Your Questions to the Next Community Information Session [English | Estonian]

Feb 21, 2018: Thoughtful Discussion at Estonian Centre Project Second Community Information Session [English]

Feb 21, 2018: Remarks by Urve Tamberg at Community Information Session Feb 21 [English]

Jan 31, 2018: Strong progress shared at Estonian Centre Project’s First Community Information Session [English | Estonian]

Jan 24, 2018: Board of Directors' Report re: Property Condition Assessment [English]

Jan 16, 2018: Invitation to attend Estonian Centre Information Sessions [English | Estonian]


Dec 11, 2017: Final Baseline Property Condition Assessment — Pinchin Report [English]

Dec 11, 2017: Interview with Thomas Koger, CPA-CA, CBV [English | Estonian]

Dec 2, 2017: Estonian Centre Architect Profile Part 2 [English | Estonian]

Nov 22, 2017: Estonian Centre Architect Profile Part 1 [English | Estonian]

Nov 17, 2017: Good Progress Made on Many Stages of Due Diligence Work [English | Estonian]

Oct 30, 2017: Annex Ratepayers' Meeting at Tartu College [English | Estonian]

Oct 27, 2017: Sustainability of Project is Main Focus for the Team [English | Estonian]

Oct 20, 2017: Profile on Estonian Centre Project Managers [English | Estonian]

Sep 27, 2017: Estonian Centre Project Communications Committee Meeting [English]

Sep 13, 2017: Estonian Centre Project Committees Meeting [English | Estonian]

Read about the history of planning and development for the new Estonian Centre here!

Apr 24, 2017: Opinion, Krista Poolsaar, A Third Generation's Perspective on Eesti Maja Tulevik [English]

Apr 24, 2017: Article, Estonian Centre Board, An Overview of the Development [English]

Apr 20, 2017: Opinion, Veiko Parming, Let's Think About our Community's Future [English]

Apr 13, 2017: Opinion, Linda Veltmann, From the Next Generation, continued [English]

Apr 13, 2017: Article, Let's Focus on Common Community Interests [English]

Apr 5, 2017: Opinion, Veiko Parming, Miks Ma Toetan Tartu Colleg'l Juurde Konsolideerimist [Estonian]

Oct 21, 2016: Article, AS Eesti Maja Board, Estonian House Announcement [English]

Jan 25, 2015: Article, Estonian House Board, In Response to Questions Raised by the Community [English]

Jan 23, 2015: Article, To the Estonian House in Toronto Ltd., Board of Directors [English]

May 23, 2014: Article, Update From the Toronto Estonian House Board [English]

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